Ard Mara  Branding, Art Direction, Interface Design   2015

What’s the latest trend in fashion? What does the people that inspires me wear in a daily base? Ard Mara is an app, only for the USA market, that is in both ways a trendsetter/lookbook app, and also an ecommerce app, where people can see their idols style and look to buy the same. Image nowadays is such a big thing, with the social networks and all, that consumers are looking for this kind of solution. Easy, intuitive, and with focus on the image, i designed this app back in 2015.

The logo

I wanted to create something iconic and self explanatory for the purpose of this app. And if what we’re talking about is IMAGE, and the search to find something new, something that fits you, then what better symbol than the universal “missing image” from the web, as a challenge for the user to fit this “missing” with their own choices.


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