National Team
in the Hood 

Creative Direction – Film

Futsal has its roots in the streets, in the neighborhoods. That’s where its genesis is. Many of today’s professional players came from this past, evenings playing with neighborhood friends in the ‘hood. Having this knowledge as a starting point, we took the national futsal team to play with kids from one of the most problematic neighborhoods in the country – Casal da Mira, in Lisbon.
The result was incredible. A whole community watching the game, enjoying the event, supporting on both sides, on a day of perfect communion and true social service. After all, it’ss not every day that you are close to your idols, without barriers, without distances.


Portuguese Football Federation, July 2017

Role: Creative Director
Shot by: No-Brainer Films
Photos by: André Sanano 

Fantastic. An amazing experience for us to see the happiness in their eyes.

– Ricardinho, team captain and five times best futsal player in the world

Closer to the people,
it’s not an option, it’s obligatory.

Portuguese Football Federation is the brand that carries the flag from Portugal, and it represents all Portuguese and their values.

It was a beautiful day.


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