Creative Direction & Art Direction

I was invited to join the Portuguese Football Federation (FPF) marketing team after the winning of the Euro Cup 2016. The brand was living new and exciting times, and the challenge that was proposed to me, as their new Creative Director, was to build this brand above and bellow the line as a love brand. The art direction needed to become much stronger and efficient, more updated with the current needs on the digital side. The brand activation needed to be more efficient and innovative when close to the real people. To make this brand targeting in a younger and very demanding audience.
I accepted the challenge and put all my efforts and knowledge into this mission.
The brand, after this 15 months that I worked there (my goal was to make the the World Cup Campaign), became the #1 brand in Portugal in number of followers and engaging across several social networks, like Instagram and Facebook. FPF was also the Football Federation playing at the World Cup, that had the best results in terms of performance and engagement with the online audience – study provided by FIFA.
We created tones of new contents, exciting and bold art direction, campaigns with strong messages. We developed new clothing line, a total re-build online store. We collaborated with some of the best artists in music and urban art, people that recognized that the brand was totally refreshed, with a new look, a new purpose and the right values, and so they wanted to be part of this journey.
Bellow, I’ll try to show a glimpse of some of the highlights, representative of this period 2017-2018 of FPF.

Art Direction — Social Network Posts

Random selection.

Motion/Art Direction 

Starting 11 for social networks announcement.
Game launch, Facebook cover (2017).


Fifa18 launch – Facebook cover
Motion gfx celebrating CR7’s 5 times best player in the world award, in 2017, with all his data since the beginning of career.

Creative Direction — Kit Launch

In April 2018, FPF and Nike were launching the new kit for the Portuguese teams. I was in charge of doing the big presentation day, and it was going to be live broadcasted on national tv, at primetime, while being part of the ceremony awards event ‘Quinas de Ouro‘. The big launch was divided in two parts. First we had an amazing body mapping showing the entire history of FPFxNike since the beginning of the partnership; second part was a runaway show with the real athletes wearing the new clothings, while one of the biggest musicians in Portugal, Richie Campbell, was performing live. All this with an insane motion graphics happening at the background in a 180º led wall.
This event was also the launching of FPF new signature ‘Conquista o Sonho’ (Conquer your Dream).
Hit play to watch the event, and wait for the surprise at the end.

Creative Direction — Merchandise

Another part, a very important one, of my goals with the brand FPF, and has it was requested when I arrived at the job, was to transform this brand into a love brand. And to do so, this brand had to be much bigger than football. FPF represented the country, they carried the flag, the values and meaning of what to be Portuguese is.
So, it was very important to bring the brand closer to the audience, we did it with several campaigns (some of them you can find them here at my portfolio), but also a key factor would be the brand activations and the ‘wear with pride’, with the launching of a new clothing line for the fans, more focused on the lifestyle, daily wear.
With the launch of this new clothing line, FPF also launched a brand new online store, where I was the person in charge of the supervision of the entire User Experience and User Interface, along with the company L7GEND  portugalstore.fpf.pt
Photos by Yavez S. E. Anthonio
Creative Direction by me.

Creative Direction — Brand Activation

As i said before, this brand was becoming much more than football, and while some might consider football as an art, it was important to put this brand doing real art. FPF has a cultural agent, offering/spreading their message of resilience, hard work and hope. With this in mind, I proposed to do a collaboration with well known street artists and do murals across the country, with no other purpose than spreading this message and values and in this way bring people closer to the brand and to support the team at the World Cup 2018.
The result was amazing, the communities embraced the project, helped the artists, wanting to be part of this movement. This special brand activation was not possible without the help, effort and awesome professionalism of the folks at Mistaker Maker (Lara Seixo Rodrigues & Duarte Cavalinhos), the great videographer Vasco Mendes, and of course, all the artists that were part of this — AkaCorleone, Samina, Draw, Add Fuel, Half Studio, Empty Belly, Mariana a Miserável and Tamara Alves.

FPF Creative Direction — 2017/2018.

This was my selection of works to showcase on this project. With the feeling of mission accomplished, those were pretty intense 15 months, growing the brand (let me remember that we became the #1 brand in Portugal at Social Networks followers at this period of time), making it cooler than ever before, and engaging people to be part of this movement “Conquer your Dream”, in a message of resilience and hope to all, putting people together supporting the team at the world cup. After all, there are no impossibles in life!

And last but not least, when that date arrived, and the team left to Russia to play the WC’18, our last piece of work was launched – the official supporting song for Portugal, and for that one, we collaborated with ‘only’ one of the biggest artists in the world… son of a Portuguese dad, the talented Shawn Mendes.

Bellow you’ll find the official Video, that was made under my creative direction, working closely with the Director João Rito.

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