Conquer your Dream

Creative Direction – Film & Art Direction

Portuguese Football Federation
World Cup Campaign — 
Role — Creative Director
Production — Mill+
Director — Carl Addy
Head of Content & Producer: Josh Davies
DOP — Jallo Faber
VFX — The Mill
Voice — Pêpê Rapazote

Portugal went to this World Cup as European Champions in title. An achievement that many thought to be impossible, but a dream come true to an entire nation. A mark in history that proved Portuguese people that there’s no impossibles, when you put your heart, sweat and blood on what you ambition for.
This heritage was huge, and the Portuguese Football Federation knew that they played an essential role in society, they carry the flag, and was obligatory to inspire others, in other areas, in everyones lives, with this great achievement that the team conquered back in 2016.

This was an ambitious project from the initial concept through to the final delivery, and to ensure that the piece powerfully communicated an inspiring message which encapsulates the passion and determination of the Portuguese players in the context of their local heritage, we’ve chosen to work with Mill+, and director Carl Addy.

Throughout the rhythmic spot we see a number of motivational sayings appear over each scene which Carl brought to life through a variety of hand drawn designs which become almost like emblems. These designs have also been used on various promotional materials for the team.
In Carl’s words, ‘Portugal is a nation rich with culture. To say that any of these football stars are self-made may be true but it misses the nuance of heritage. The spot’s main goal was to pay homage to the people, the generations of wisdom passed down in strange sayings. This film is a love letter to language, the power of phrases refined and adapted over time, incredibly visual, humorous and revealing.’
Conquista O Sonho means ‘Conquer Your Dream’. This film has a kinetic edit of found phrases all connected in a surreal dreamlike tone. The frenetic edit and surreal transitions work together to create a high action yet dreamlike quality that unites different voices and places from across the country. By allowing the spot to become an outlet for the nation’s nervous anticipation, we hoped to remind them that each one of them is connected by heritage, sons and daughters of conquerors.
No risk no taste. Illustration by Carl Addy
Soft water in hard stone eventually drills a hole. Illustration by Carl Addy
God helps those who wake up early. Illustration by Carl Addy
Make hearts with guts. Illustration by Carl Addy
Don’t count with the egg in the ass of the chicken. Illustration by Carl Addy
It’s a seven headed beast. Illustration by Carl Addy

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“It always seems impossible, until it’s done.”

— Nelson Mandela

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